Państwowa Szkoła Sztuki Cyrkowej - PSSC w Julinku

09/1999 - 01/2010 - Warsaw, Narbutta St.

Panstwowa Szkola Sztuki Cyrkowej w Warszawie was opened under disposition of Culture and Sport Minister (Decree № 4th of 28 June 1999) and initially was placed in Warsaw at Narbutta St., 65/71, in the building of Gimnazjum Nr 2 w Warszawie. School started to work on 1st September 1999. In 1999/2000 school year first group of students has started their circus education. There were a few supervising institutions: Minister of Culture, Centrum Edukacji Artystycznej and Wizytator Regionu Mazowieckiego.

Principals of Panstwowa Szkola Sztuki Cyrkowej at Narbutta St. in Warsaw:

 - mgr Janusz MITURA 1999 - 2008
 - mgr Jerzy KASPRZYKOWSKI 2008 - 2010

School was placed at Narbutta street until 31st January 2010. At the request of Principal, Mr. Jerzy Kasprzykowski, school has been moved to Centrum Ksztalcenia Ustawicznego Nr 3 building at Soltyka St., 8/10 in Warsaw. Removal was necessary to meet the needs of education process.


Siedziba Państwowej Szkoły Sztuki Cyrkowej przy ul. Narbutta



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