Państwowa Szkoła Sztuki Cyrkowej - PSSC w Julinku

09/1967 - 08/1999 - Julinek

Panstwowa Szkola Cyrkowa w Julinku started to work on 1st September 1967.

Decision to open that school was preceded by a multi-annual efforts of many artists and activists, who in creation of a circus school saw the only way to raise the status and the rank of Polish circus artists.

Under disposition of Culture and Sport Minister (Decree № 13 of 3rd February 1971) the school was renamed to Panstwowe Studium Cyrkowe w Julinku and it became a 2-year curriculum college. Graduates of Panstwowe Studium Cyrkowe w Julinku was receiving a circus actor diplomas in selected specialty. The college has a dormitory for 35 students. Curriculum has an 18 different subjects, so students had weekly 30 hours of circus arts classes and 2 hours of foreign languages classes.

The learning process was dependent on Zaklad Widowisk Cyrkowych ZPR (ZWC), which was an owner of the circus base. From September to January school has its place in Julinek. In February students have the winter holiday, and in March Panstwowe Studium Cyrkowe was operating by the sports camps organized in Bukowina, Przesieka, Karpacz or Szklarska Poreba. At the time (February - March) training facilities and a dormitory was used by the Department of Education of ZWC at trainings for its workers. From April to the end of June classes took place normally, in school’s buildings. In July students of the first year had their professional practice in units circuses, and in August they had their vacation. That organization of studying was formally approved by the Culture and Art Minister (Decree № 27 of 9th March 1970).

Until 1992 all school facilities was provided by ZWC (it no longer exists). ZWC supported students in preparation of their artistic programme during their education and after their graduation. Panstwowe Studium Cyrkowe w Julinku developed students’ technical skills, and ZWC employed them specialists, trainers, choreographers and directors. Total time taken to prepare the artistic programme was 3 - 4 years. Costs of preparation of  such programme (costumes, music, salaries of additional stuff) was covered by ZWC.

After the privatization of ZPR and the liquidation of ZWC, school lost faciliteies provided by its supporter. System of circus artists education collapsed ater 25 years of quite good functioning.

Panstwowa Szkola Cyrkowa w Julinku - during thirty-two years of its acticity - has developed 312 graduates, including many famous circus celebrities and laureates of International Circus Arts Festivals in Monte Carlo, Madrid, Havana, Paris and also in London.

Principals of Panstwowa Szkola Cyrkowa and Panstwowe Studium Cyrkowe in Julinek:

1. mgr Leon PIETRUCH 1967 - 1969 
2. mgr Stanisław PIETRUCH 1969 - 1974
3. mgr Januariusz MALCZEWSKI  1974 - 1981
4. mgr Janusz MITURA 1981 - 1984
5. mgr Bronisław RYBAŁKO 1984 - 1991
6. mgr Anna BORKOWSKA 1991 - 1999

Panstwowe Studium Cyrkowe w Julinku ended its work on 31st August 1999. Its successor was Panstwowa Szkola Sztuki Cyrkowej w Warszawie.


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