Państwowa Szkoła Sztuki Cyrkowej - PSSC w Julinku


In 1950 in Julinek village (located on the edge of the Kampinos Forest, in the mazowieckie voivodship, in the warszawski-zachodni powiat, in the Leszno gmina) there was built a fully equipped circus base.

The base has two circus domes, tunnels connecting wild animal housing with arenas, stables and paddocks for horses and elephants, swimming pool for seals and - also - a veterinary center. The base was also equipped with a gymnasium, hotel, canteen, administrative buildings, residential barracks, technical workshops, four warehouses, sheds, diagnostic center, boilers and water wells.

During its years of splendor, the base was the largest in Europe. It also has its own training center.

Under disposition of Culture and Art Minister (Decree № 173 from 31 December 1966), there was opened a two-year second degree experimental circus school in Julinek, named Panstwowa Szkola Cyrkowa w Julinku.

Appointment of Panstwowa Szkola Cyrkowa w Julinku fulfilled a significant gap in the system of art education in Poland. It was the first and still is (as PSSC in Warsaw) the only one circus school in Poland.



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